Reorganization: Mergers and Acquisitions

RV&HB has created a well-defined legal practice that has guaranteed its participation in the coordination and execution of major local and international transactions and projects in different areas, including the process of corporate restructuring through mergers and acquisitions and the restructuring of services companies and banks, multidisciplinary investment projects, joint ventures, airports, ports, energy, mining, telecommunications, public road transport and construction concessions and privatizations, arbitration, secured and syndicated loan transactions, structured finance, titling, business structures and tax planning, and the development and operation of tourism, real estate and urbanization projects. RV&HB offers legal advice in the traditional areas of practice as well as in the most innovative and modern fields, with the experience acquired throughout more than four decades of practice.



José Maldonado Stark

Román Medina Diplan

Román Medina Diplán